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It's Been a LONG Time.... - Cupcake
It's Been a LONG Time....
Well, if you're still here-- if you haven't shriveled up and died like that one guy named Marco while waiting for me to update-- then, congratulations! Marco applauds you. Or he would, if his hands were not withered husks.

I realize that I have failed you. I understand that it has been roughly seven months since I last updated. I also am well aware that it was my own laziness and nothing else that prevented me from doing so.

I just don't care.

To update you on my life, I will say this: I have three jobs, a cold, and a novel that I'm working on. I am also still trying to become a nurse. My life is complicated. Complicated like my relationship with my mother, who in spite of her claims to love me continues to sprinkle arsenic in my milk when she thinks I'm not looking. However, I am happy with it. My life, not the arsenic.

Since I have this hideous cold, I won't be writing much more tonight. Wait fervently for my next update, but not quite as fervently as Marco, rest his soul.

Peace out, pipsqueaks.

Current Location: Nailing my own coffin
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