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Just Wondering... Like a Fool - Cupcake
Just Wondering... Like a Fool
I don't normally dedicate my LJ to the notice-ment of fan-related things, but I am a HUGE fan of "Tsubusa Reservoir Chronicles"-- particularly of Fai D. Flourite, who is (along with Edward Elric) my top favorite anime character of all time-- and felt this was worth writing about.

SO, today, armed with my intense Fai-love and all, I was casually flipping through CLAMP's latest manga series, "Kobato", when I saw this guy named Okiura. My brain, which had been out in Fuzzy Zombie Land somewhere, suddenly perked up from behind its official-looking mahogany desk inside my brain and went: "That's... Fai."

"More specifically, " I corrected him (my brain is a him), "that's Fai with dark hair."

But, seriously, I know other people have noticed it. Other people MUST have noticed it-- I mean LOOK AT THIS!





I know there are some differences, but the overall impression is still the same. It makes me wonder if A) CLAMP creators missed Fai so much that they decided to bring him back in the guise of a dark-haired bad guy, or B) CLAMP does not have a very wide range of character-attributes from which to pick.

Not that I mind, of course. Any Fai is good Fai, even an anti-hero/villain who threatens to crush nursery children under a bulldozer. "Because I'm a... Yakuza"

Seriously, that's his excuse for everything.

Kobato: Leave Sayaka-san alone!

Okiura: No, because I'm a... Yakuza.

Fujimoto: Stop causing trouble for people who aren't even involved!

Okiura: I won't because I'm a... Yakuza.

Random Kid: Stop beating that baby over the head with a brick!

Okiura: I can't because I'm a... Yakuza.

Yeah... anywho. Like I said, I don't normally bore you all with my passionate passions in life (namely anime and cartoons), but I couldn't help myself this time because I'm a...


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