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Back!!! - Cupcake
Yes, mishies! I am back! Aren't you elated?!

Actually, I'm not really sure anybody actually reads this journal. I've never been sure. Could it be that, all this time, I've been writing into a void? A dark, empty space that is not only blind and uncaring, but also ugly for some reason?

Either way, I'm back! And I have some news-- wondrous news! I HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED.

You read correctly, ugly void! Published-- as in, an actual book that I wrote will be on the market at some point in the future. That point being this summer, supposedly. It is entitled "Chronicles of Magic: The Sixth Child" and is about the struggles of a lonely, depressed ex-soldier and his sociopathic best friend who solves crimes. Except it's not. To find out what it's really about, though, you will have to read it-- and, more importantly, you will have to BUY IT. Because you ain't reading for free if I can help it.

This has been fun, mindless void. We should do it again sometime.

Current Location: buried beneath the mountain of money i will make
Current Mood: accomplished

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