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Skyskimmer - Cupcake

As you can see, I have found The Hub's MLP pony generator, and am having the time of my life with it. This is my (yes, MINE, you foals!) fancharacter, Skyskimmer, and THIS is her bio.:

Name: Skyskimmer ("Sky")
Gender: Female
Kind: Pegasus
Age: 19

Appearance: While the picture says it all, it is worth noting that while Skyskimmer takes more after her mother in appearance, she inherited her father's white coat.

Cutie Mark: A golden propeller, which she received upon realizing that it was her destiny to help all ponies-- winged and flightless-- to touch the sky!

Personality: Naturally outgoing and eccentric, Skyskimmer is brilliant and enthusiastic-- but a bit of a "mad scientist"... or "mad inventor", if you prefer. Aside from inventing and aviation, she is surprisingly lacking in knowledge, especially when it comes to social etiquette. However, her natural sweetness and enthusiasm put everypony around her at ease... eventually.

Backstory: Skyskimmer was born with one wing (her left) much smaller than the other, rendering her permanently incapable of flight. If that wasn't bad enough for a Pegasus pony, Skyskimmer's father is a champion flyer who dreamed of having a foal who would one day take his place in the sky. The feeling of disappointing her father, coupled with the vicious teasing she endured in school, rendered the naturally extroverted Skyskimmer mute and miserably insecure. Once she stopped talking, her mother decided to send Skyskimmer to see Princess Twilight in Ponyville. After all, she reasoned that the Princess of Friendship could help Skyskimmer make friends. However, much to everyone's surprise, it was a chance meeting with Discord that helped turn Skyskimmer's life around. With his own unique brand of "helpfulness", Discord was the one who showed Skyskimmer the worth of those who are different from others, and allowed her to see that she could still fulfill her dream of flight... by thinking outside the box! It was this realization, coupled with her desire to fly, that caused Skyskimmer's cutie mark-- a golden propeller-- to appear. Since then, she has become obsessed with aviation, and has even invented her own aircraft-- the "Skyskimmer 3000"!


Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Food: Cheesy apple pie
Occupation: Pilot, mechanic, inventor of the "Skyskimmer 3000"
Home: Cloudsdale
Family: Airfoil (father), Windsong (mother)
Style: Steampunk/Aviator
Quote: "There's a place in the sky for everypony!"


And HERE she is in fancy dress:


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